52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)
Friday, June 06, 2014
By Marna Niebergall de Rojas
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I had the fun task of choosing this week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Weeks' blogroll: Self-Portrait with My Best Friend(s)  I had a special reason for choosing this theme.  My Mother is turning 92 today, and lately she has been commenting “You take so many photos of everyone else, but I have no photos of you!”  I've been reflecting on that idea for the last couple of weeks and am beginning to understand that I am waaaaaaaay more comfortable behind the camera.  And judging from the few participants we have in the blogroll this week, I think that I am not alone in this comfort zone.  The photographers who are members of the Beautiful Beasties Network are united in a very special virtual reality.  We come together every week to challenge one another and to inspire. Yet few of us know anyone in the group personally.  I'm a visual person and I like to connect faces with names and with photographic styles. So I thank all of you who chose to accept my challenge this week and reveal yourselves, and for giving me the space to create a special birthday gift for my Mom.  The challenge was equally as difficult for me! Emotionally and logistically.  So here I am:  Me, exposed.  With my very Best Friends: Chispita, Mimi, Cici and Oreo, all Mixed Breeds/Pure Hearts from Acapulco.  Happy Birthday, Mom, and thank you for teaching me to see with my heart. (And yes, I had to retouch a giant mosquito off of my forehead and that is indeed a remote shutter release in my hand.)

Now please make sure that you head on over to see the blog posted by Virginia pet photographer, Shelley Castle Photography  Shelley is one of the photographers in the network who I know personally.  Together with her little sidekicks Marley and Banjo, Shelley is always raising the bar for me.  I love her work!

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Marilina Davila - Beautiful self portrait! Nice meeting you in image! Love the light. You really chose a beautiful location
Nicole - gorgeous shot!
Pat Corl - Thank you for the theme this week. I love the results from everyone. Happy Birthday to your Mom! My Mom turned 94 yesterday! I too planned on using my self portrait for a gift to her. Things did not work out this week to participate, BUT, you have inspired me to actually do one. I have the props and idea, now to carry it off. This week's participants have been very creative.
Pavlina - These look good, I thought we were suppose to push the shutter ourselves :) I didn't know, we could have remote.
Teresa - Beautiful photo! The person who took this pic is a great photographer and amazing person!
Shelley Castle - What a beautiful and special portrait, my friend. Well done and perfect scenery. Thank you for choosing this theme this week and pushing many of us from behind our lenses to create some special memories in front of them. I feel so blessed to have met and know you. You do the same by always inspiring me with your beatufiul talent. Hugs!