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52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)
Friday, June 06, 2014
52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)

I had the fun task of choosing this week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Weeks' blogroll: Self-Portrait with My Best Friend(s)  I had a special reason for choosing this theme.  My Mother is turning 92 today, and lately she has been commenting “You take so many photos of everyone else, but I have no photos of you!”  I've been reflecting on that idea for the last couple of weeks and am beginning to understand that I am waaaaaaaay more comfortable behind the camera.  And judging from the few participants we have in the blogroll this week, I think that I am not alone in this comfort zone.  The photographers who are members of the Beautiful ...

52 Weeks' #11: Circles
Friday, March 14, 2014
52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)

It's Friday, and once again it's time for the Beautiful Beasties Network's 52 Weeks' Challenge.  This week's theme is: CIRCLES.  And for a good portion of the week we were definitely running around in circles searching for hula-hoops + frisbee's.  Anything round.  Our favorite neighbor, "Jake-Boy" visited us while his parents escaped the cold for a few days.  About Jake I could easily say: THE BUDDHA WEARS FUR!  I looked down at him one morning and realized that he had given me the answer to our challenge each morning of his visit upon awakening.  He was not impressed with our leisurely breakfast routine.  Here is Jake with his CIRCLE OF LIFE. ...

52 Weeks' #10: Action
Friday, March 07, 2014
52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)

Hi Again!  This week's post is coming to you one more time DIRECT from the North Pole!  According to the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday: "Chicago’s 73.4 inches of snow so far this season, which the weather service counts as autumn through spring, stands at the fourth-most since 1884. That’s slightly less than during 1969-70, which saw 77 inches. The only two years above those were in 1977-78 at 82.3 inches, and in 1978-79 at 89.7 inches total."By mid-day Wednesday we were at 75.2 inches! Our challenge for this week was to shoot action, and I have to admit that I cheated.  Just a little.  I was traveling last week, so I had to dive into my archives to pull up ...

52 Weeks' #8: Hello Yellow
Friday, February 21, 2014
52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)

So I kept telling her "You know, there's plenty of yellow snow OUT-SIDE this week.  But, NO!!  She had to do this yellow session in our bathtub! : (  She had waaaaaay more fun than I did!So just take the photo already!  You know I don't do baths!I don't care how cute or squeaky you are. Get me outta here, or I will eat you!Just as soon as I get the soap out of my eyes, I'll be able to accompany you over to see the fun that was had with the color Yellow at Khanya Photography of Hudson Valley, NY.

Hearts Speak: Love, Hope, Believe Galgo Rescue
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
52 Weeks' #23: Self Portrait with My Best Friend(s)

One of the most rewarding activities I do as a photographer (and trust me, they are ALL rewarding! ) is capturing images of the hopeful hearts cared for by animal rescue organizations. In my previous life I was one of the founding members of Happy Tails Acapulco, a small animal welfare association whose mission was to create a Better World for the Animals living in that city. I know first-hand the deep need each abandoned animal has for a second chance at love and life, and how important compelling photos are in opening the hearts of potential adopters. As a new member of Hearts Speak, I am honored to be a part of this growing international network of compassionate artists helping ...