52 Weeks' #16: Repetition
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Friday, April 18, 2014
By Marna Niebergall de Rojas
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Hi again.  It's Friday and time for our Project 52 Weeks' blog post. Repetition. That's this week's challenge as set forth by the Beautiful Beasties Network. We've really been trying to play by the rules here but this week we may have taken more than a little creative liberty.  Last weekend we saw our first tulips poke their happy green sprouts above the soil and temperatures rose to 75.  Winter coats, boots and sweaters all went back into storage. I even started applying suntan lotion on my hikes around the lake with the critters.

Monday came. And with it a dramatic REPETITION of Winter.  Mimi was not amused by my interpretation. 

I'm so inspired each week by the amazing body of creative work that I see here on the blogroll.  Photographers from around the world coming to the party with their unique visions.  It's fun to be among them and to call them friends.  Let's have a look now to see how Susannah Maynard of Suzi Pix Photography, of Cinicinnati, Ohio interpreted this week's theme, repetition.

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Jennifer - Love the hat. Feel you on the weather!
Kathryn - Please winter, give up!