About the "I" behind the lens: 
Marna Niebergall de Rojas

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In September of 2011, I came back to my roots in Northern Illinois after having lived for 25 years in Acapulco, the Crown Jewel of the Pacific in Mexico.  At the time I felt catapulted into the process of reinventing myself.  Now I understand that the process was more about remembering.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois.  I am a Visual Communicator, and through the years photography has been my favorite medium of expression.  Time stops when I view the grace in our world through a lens.

I am also a very devoted advocate for animals, believing that they are some of our greatest teachers. While in Mexico, I had the honor to work closely with some very dedicated and compassionate individuals in animal rescue, saving lives and developing programs to improve conditions for the street animals there. I always carried a camera with me and carefully documented the grave situation for the abandoned animals in Acapulco along with the work that we were doing. Photos helped to raise awareness among the locals about responsible guardianship.

The concept for Grace Wears Fur had it's beginnings on the 2,000-mile drive from Acapulco to Chicago; our vehicles loaded with 14 rescued animals, cushions, crates and cat litter.  I set out to create a unique and colorful experience in Fine Art Portrait Photography for the Chicagoland area and for a discerning clientele wanting to capture the graceful and timeless essence of their companion animals. The concept expanded when friends and family asked to be included in my schedule of portrait sessions, and Embracing Grace Photography was born to celebrate grace that I find in all human relationships and nature.

Grace has put me on this path, and it is what I see when I look through a lens. Grace. It is that light that shines through all of us, through all of nature, and keeps us connected.